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Continue a Paused Web Server
Create a New Web Site
List Basic Web Site Properties
List Virtual Directories
List Virtual Directory Information
List Web Directories
List Web Directory Property Information
List Web File Property Information
List Web Files
List Web Server Configuration Information
List Web Server Information
List Web Server Setting Information
List Web Service Configuration Information
List Web Service Setting Properties
List Web Site Document Properties
List Web Site Home Directory Properties
List Web Site Performance Properties
Modify a Web File Setting Metabase Property
Modify a Web Info Metabase Property
Modify Basic Web Site Properties
Modify Web Site Document Properties
Modify Web Site Home Directory Properties
Modify Web Site Performance Properties
Modify Web Site Service Properties
Pause a Web Server
Start a Web Server
Stop a Web Server

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VbsEdit includes all these samples!

VbsEdit now supports .vbs, .js, .wsf and .hta scripts.
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