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List Filter Load Order
List IIsNNTPExpiration Instances
List IIsNNTPExpirationSetting Instances
List IIsNNTPExpire Instances
List IIsNNTPFeeds Instances
List IIsNNTPGroupsSetting Instances
List IIsNNTPRebuildSetting Instances
List Instances of the IIsNNTPRebuild Class
List Instances of the IIsNNTPSessionsSetting Class
List NNTP Authentication Properties
List NNTP Expiration Information
List NNTP Feed Peer Temporary Directories
List NNTP Groups
List NNTP Log Modules
List NNTP Server Setting Information
List NNTP Service Configuration Information
List NNTP Service Information
List NNTP Service Setting Information
List NNTP Sessions
List NNTP Virtual Directories
List NNTP Virtual Directory Information
List NNTP Virtual Directory Properties
List NNTP Virtual Server Properties
List NNTP Virtual Server Setting Properties
List the NNTP Server State
List the NNTP Server Version
Modify an NNTP Server Setting Metabase Property
Modify an NNTP Service Metabase Property Using ADSI
Modify an NNTP Service Setting Metabase Property
Modify an NNTP Virtual Directory Metabase Property
Modify NNTP Authentication Properties
Modify NNTP Virtual Directory Properties
Modify NNTP Virtual Server Setting Properties

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VbsEdit includes all these samples!

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