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' List Health Summary for Local SMS Sites

On Error Resume Next

Dim objSWbemServices
Dim ProviderLoc
Dim Location
Dim strSummarizerSiteStatus
Dim colSummarizerSiteStatus
Dim objSiteSummary


Set ProviderLoc = GetObject _

If Err.Number<;>;0 Then
    Wscript.Echo "Couldn't get SMS Provider"
End If

For Each Location In ProviderLoc.Instances_
    If Location.ProviderForLocalSite = True Then
        Set objSWbemServices = GetObject("winmgmts:" & Location.NamespacePath)
        Exit For
    End If

'Get SMS_SummarizerSiteStatus

Set colSummarizerSiteStatus=objSWbemServices.InstancesOf(strSummarizerSiteStatus)

If Err.Number<;>;0 Then
    Wscript.Echo "Couldn't get Site Summary"
End If

For Each objSiteSummary In colSUmmarizerSiteStatus
    wscript.echo "Site code:" + objSiteSummary.SiteCode
    If objSiteSummary.Status=0 Then
        Wscript.Echo "Site is healthy"
    End If
    If objSiteSummary.Status=1 Then
        Wscript.Echo "There are warnings for this site"
    End If
    If objSiteSummary.Status=2 Then
        Wscript.Echo "The site health is critical"
    End If

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VbsEdit includes all these samples!

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