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' Display SQL Server Login Mode

' SQL Server 2000 : Yes

SQLDMOSecurity_Integrated  = 1
SQLDMOSecurity_Mixed         = 2
SQLDMOSecurity_Normal       = 0
SQLDMOSecurity_Unknown   = 9

strDBServerName = "."

Set objSQLServer = CreateObject("SQLDMO.SQLServer")

Select Case objSQLServer.ServerLoginMode(strDBServerName)
   Case SQLDMOSecurity_Integrated
      WScript.Echo "Login Mode: Allow Windows Authentication only."
   Case SQLDMOSecurity_Mixed
      WScript.Echo "Login Mode: Allow Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication."
   Case SQLDMOSecurity_Normal
      WScript.Echo "Login Mode: Allow SQL Server Authentication only."
   Case SQLDMOSecurity_Unknown
      WScript.Echo "Login Mode: Security type unknown."
End Select

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VbsEdit includes all these samples!

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