Add a Volume Mount Point
Analyze Volume Defragmentation
Associate Disk Partitions with Physical Disk Drives
Bind to a Specific Disk Drive
Change the Drive Letter of a Volume
Defragment a Volume
Dismount a Volume
Format a Volume
List All Disk Drives
List Available Disk Space
List CD-ROM Properties
List Disk Drive Properties Using FSO
List Disk Partition Properties
List Disk Space by User on the Local Computer
List Drive Types
List Floppy Drive Information
List Logical Disk Drive Properties
List Mapped Network Drives
List Physical Disk Properties
List Volume Mount Points
List Volume Properties
Modify the AutoChk Timeout Value
Mount a Volume
Prevent AutoChk From Running
Rename a Volume
Run ChkDsk
Schedule AutoChk
Verify ChkDsk Volume Status
Verify that All Drives are Ready

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