Delete All Large Print Jobs
Delete All Printers on a Print Server
Delete Specific Printers
Install a Printer
Install Multiple Printers for One Print Device
List All Published Printers
List Print Queue Statistics
List Print Queue Statistics
List Printer Capabilities
Modify Print Job Priority
Modify Print Job Start Time
Modify Printer Availability
Modify Printer Locations
Modify Printer Priority
Monitor Print Job Status
Monitor Print Queue Times
Monitor Print Queues
Monitor Printer Status
Monitor Printer Status
Monitor Printers with a Temporary Event Subscription
Monitor Spooler Print Queue Performance
Monitor the Print Service
Notify Users When a Print Queue is Purged
Pause a Printer
Pause All Print Jobs
Pause All Printers with Empty Print Queues
Purge a Print Queue
Rename a Printer Published in Active Directory
Resume a Paused Printer
Resume All Paused Printers
Resume All Print Jobs
Search Active Directory for Specific Printers
Transfer Print Jobs to a Different Print Queue
Update Printer Locations

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